At Con Quesos, we’re more than just tacos and cheese dips.  We believe in providing not only our guest with a lively atmosphere, but our employees as well.  Becoming a member of the Con Quesos team will give you an opportunity to develop yourself professionally and have some fun while doing it.  We offer competitive pay, a flexible work schedule, and the opportunity to advance to other areas of the business. Apply today and become a part of the hottest restaurant startup team!

taco connoisseur

Our Taco Connoisseurs are the welcome wagon, information station and brand representativesof Con Quesos – all wrapped into one! They are the first person our customers interact with upon entering the store and set the tone for the entire experience. We want our taco connoisseurs to be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, and to make each customer feel that they are important to us. From greeting to payment, our taco connoisseurs are the spokesmen of our taco culture!

Taco builder

This is where the magic begins! The Prep Team is the heart of our kitchen and the cornerstone of our entire menu. Taco builders are the artists of the kitchen, ensuring the flavors and presentation of our food is superb. It’s crucial that all recipes are not only executed to perfection and prepared with love, but protected so that we can continue our mission: providing a culinary experience unlike any other in town.

Grill Cook

If Con Quesos was the colloseum, our Grill Cooks would be gladiators. From the moment guests walk through the door, their eyes are drawn to the craftsmen in our open-style kitchen. Consistency is the name of the game, so it’s important that our meats are always cooked to the perfect temperature, our eggs are light and fluffy and tortillas are piping hot


Every great team has a great leader. Our managers are the maestros of the kitchen, helping compose the magic that occurs with great food and great people. They empower others to achieve taco greatness and lead by example. From the food to inventory management, Managers must be versed in every aspect of the business.

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